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Why the Rimrock Resort Hotel?




Hotel Philosophy

The Rimrock Resort Hotel has a unique management structure due to the fact that our President/General Manager resides overseas. Our Management Committee, comprised of three of our senior managers was created in order to manage the day to day operations as well as focus on hotel wide issues that will affect our guests experience. Each member of the management committee is considered an acting General Manager and can be contacted in case of guest complaints/concerns as well as for hotel emergencies.


The committee directly reports to our President/General Manager and is in constant communication with each other as required. The committee members are very approachable and welcome any input and suggestions in order to improve the hotel for both guests and staff.



The Rimrock Resort Hotel's Mission Statement


  • To Be A Hotel Like No Other
  • To Be A Leader Within Our Industry
  • To Hire And Retain The Best And The Brightest



Consent Agreement

Rimrock Resort is collecting personal information from you in this application form in order to assess your qualifications and suitability for employment with the Rimrock Resort. By completing the application form and submitting your personal information to the Rimrock Resort, you are consenting to our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as set out in this form. The Rimrock Resort accepts no obligation to offer you employment unless and until a written offer is made to you.


Your information will be reviewed by a Recruiter for the purposes of evaluating you as a potential employee, and may be reviewed by other Rimrock Resort employees with hiring-related responsibilities. Your information will be retained for future reference in the Rimrock Resorts HR System, which we may search from time to time to locate qualified candidates for specific positions, for as long as it is reasonable to do, having regard to the nature of the position applied for, following which it will be securely destroyed.


The Rimrock Resort will use your personal information throughout the evaluation and hiring process for purposes related to that process, including, if the Rimrock Resort chooses to offer you employment, using the information to generate an offer letter. Rimrock Resort will also collect and use additional personal information provided by you in the course of the evaluation and hiring process. In addition to information you provide, any information provided by you with respect to references will be considered by us to confirm that you consent to our contacting such references and collecting information about you directly from them, and using that information for the purposes set out in this form, as well as disclosing information about you to such references, and discussing your application with them, in order to properly obtain information from them and verify information related to your application.


Should you accept employment with the Rimrock Resort, your personal information will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with our internal privacy/confidentiality policies.*

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