February For the LOVE of SELF CARE

February For the LOVE of SELF CARE


Whole Body Renewal

The Release begins with a fine body polish infused with pure essential oils to lift mood, heal the skin and temper the mind. The gentle rain of the vishy shower washes away all that is no longer required, leaving the skin RENEWED. The Ritual continues with the application of rich infused butter to nourish and hydrate the whole body while cocooned in warmth, finishing with a mini-facial.


90 min                     Tuesday - Thursday $189.00

                                      Friday - Sunday $230.00


To Register please call or email the SPA front desk at 403 762 1835

For more information: Click Here for online inquiry form.

Or, please send us Email.


Not valid with another offer.

Only Valid mid week - Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday

Valid between February 7th - 27th, 2020