The Rimrock Spa Mid-Week Offerings

The Rimrock Spa Mid-Week Offerings

Join us for these incredible mid-week specials




This foot ritual begins with a cleansing milk and gentle scrub using blend of nutrient rich oils and balms. The stress will melt away -


45 min $50.


Side by side pedicures are available upon request.




Lift & Moisturize


This customized facial promises to bring moisture deep into the skin, to clarify, calm and re-hydrate - relax further with a gentle neck, shoulder, and scalp massage.


45 min $89.


Side by side facials are available upon request.




Back, neck and shoulders


Relax as we take special care of tension points within the back, neck and shoulders. Ask about our warm stone and muscle balm enhancements


45 min $90.


Side by side massages are available upon request.


The Spa & Fitness area is located on the 3rd level

Call 403 762 1835


Not valid with another offer. Only Valid mid week - Tuesday to Thursday