New yoga class offerings

Yoga Classes


Rimrock SPA & FITNESS is expanding the path to wellness through the offering of yoga classes. These classes are created for every level, from beginner to advanced. Breath work, mediation and mindful movement are part of the practice.


Gentle Morning Yoga - 60 min.
A gentle flowing style yoga class suitable for all levels. Classes are a balance of sun salutations, standing postures, gentle back bends and seated postures. Created to open the body gently, increasing mobility and strength though a mindful approach.

Schedule Febuary / March:
Wednesday at 8:30 am / Sunday at 9:30 am


Yin Yoga - 60 min.
Yin yoga is a slower more mindful class where seated and reclined postures are held anywhere from 1-5 min at a time. In Yin Yoga we learn the beauty of slowing way down using simple techniques to help the mind and body to soften and relax

Schedule February / March:
Thursday at 7:30 am / Saturday at 8:30 am



Guests - $15.00 per class
Walk-in - $15.00 per class (includes use of pool, saunas.)


To register please call 403 762 1835 or email