Birds of Prey

The Rimrock is pleased to welcome back Colin Weir of the Alberta Birds of Prey Centre over the Thanksgiving weekend.
Friday, October 7th, 5pm – 7pm
Saturday, October 8th, 4pm – 7pm
Sunday, October 9th, 9am – 11am (Sunday - general public is welcome)

Active since 1982, the Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation is Alberta's first privately licensed raptor rescue and conservation centre. Situated on a 70-acre wetland, the site is a natural home to Alberta's hawks, falcons, eagles, and owls. Colin will have with him a number of the majestic birds that live and thrive at the centre. This is an exciting opportunity for the whole family to experience the wonders of these amazing creatures in a close setting. Remember to bring your camera for photo ops.IMG-OUR