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Wellness Offerings

Invigorating and inspiring, the wilderness of Banff National Park has long been a destination to escape the daily and connect with nature. Endeavoring to bring a sense of inner calm and self-awareness to all our guests, The Rimrock Resort Hotel infuses the energy of our alpine surroundings into a selection of signature services, inviting you to embrace wellness in any and every way.

  • Destination Wellness

    Create space for wellbeing. Immerse yourself in the quiet majesty of the Canadian Rockies and embrace the natural splendor of Banff with an incredible offering of bespoke wellness events, inviting outdoor adventures, and authentic destination experiences.

    Girl sitting on her knees on the edge of river with the mountains in the background.
  • The Rimrock Spa

    Discover an elevated boutique spa experience. Nestled high in the mountains, let breathtaking views and personalized treatments ease you into a state of relaxed tranquility—nourishing, treating, and rejuvenating both body and soul.

    Girl getting massage on the table at The Rimrock Hotel
  • Fitness & Pool Facilities

    Stay well at The Rimrock Resort Hotel. Offering everything needed to move and self-improve while on vacation, our well-appointed fitness centre and pool facilities are here to help you unwind and reconnect with what’s important to you.

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Arrival & Departure
Man standing above Petyo Lake in Banff National Park