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Arrival & Departure
  • A man canoeing in Moraine Lake

Experience Banff’s

Destination Wellness

Let the awe-inspiring Banff National Park and the surrounding Canadian Rockies set the scene for your continued journey to wellness. Hold space for self-discovery while immersing yourself in Banff’s local community and natural beauty with an incredible offering of activities and experiences that connect the mind, body, and soul. 

Wellness Experiences

Delve into our wellness offerings, a sanctuary of calm and rejuvenation. Engage in holistic practices that balance the mind and body, ease stress, and promote a state of comprehensive health. Enter an oasis where wellness transforms and revitalizes.

Finger dipping into water in a sacred moment of tranquility

Yoga & Mediation

Embark on an uplifting yoga odyssey with us, where every pose and breath aligns with your essence, offering tranquility and balance. Your journey to harmony begins on the mat – we invite you to be a part of it.

Women on yoga mat

Hike Banff National Park

Get up close and personal with Banff’s iconic mountains, valleys, and lakes. Offering everything from easy walks to challenging routes, discover year-round activities, including horseback riding, snowshoeing, trail running, hiking, dog walking, and more on the area’s sprawling trail system.

Woman hikes along trail, in Banff National Park

Paddling Banff

Take your paddling game to new heights with a hiking and paddling adventure. Challenge yourself with a portage journey along the Bow River between Banff and Canmore, exploring the wilderness with or without your four-legged friend and experiencing the incredible scenery from the water. 

A man canoeing in Moraine Lake
Arrival & Departure
Man standing above Petyo Lake in Banff National Park