Parking at The Rimrock

Parking at The Rimrock

The Rimrock Parkade offers options of outdoor parking stall or heated indoor parking stalls. Guests are welcome to self-park.


We recommend when arriving at the hotel to drive to the front of the hotel where you will be greeted by a member of our guest services team who will offer assistance with luggage and parking directions.


Registered Guests of the Rimrock Resort Hotel:

    Parking Charges

  • Daily Self-Parking $25.00 plus 5% GST.
  • Daily Valet Parking $39.00 plus 5% GST.
  • Electric Vehicle Self/Valet Parking $39.00 plus 5% GST.
  • Oversize vehicle (Trailer, boat, RV) $70.00 plus 5% GST (Limited space available ~ must be requested in advance). Parking fee for Main/Additional vehicle (Car/Truck attached to a trailer) applicable: $25.00 plus 5% GST. .
  • The daily parking fee will be charged directly to your guest room.
  • *Please, contact Town of Banff or Parks Canada for alternative parking.


Non Registered Guests:

  • $2.00 per hour plus 5% GST ~ payable electronically at exit of Parkade.


Important Information

  • Either a room key is required to exit parkade, or an option to remit payment at parking gate exit is available.
  • The Rimrock Valet Parking stalls are clearly noted and are restricted to this service only.
    *Parking in this stalls, will result in daily valet fees being applied.
  • Proper adherence to parking stall signage will alleviate any action required for removal of a vehicle that may be impeding the safety of staff and guests, as well as the flow of traffic due to its chosen parking stall.
  • Security cameras and on site security team are active 24 hours a day.
  • Any damage to vehicle or items that may have been stolen from vehicle are not the responsibility of the Rimrock Resort Hotel.
  • Please note that the parking height to enter the Parkade is limited to 6’ 10”.
  • We recommend a speed of no more than 10km/h in the Parkade.
  • If unsuccessful in finding a parking stall please drive to the front of the hotel for additional parking assistance.