Spa Treatments


Our Spa Treatments offer diverse therapies that bring warmth, calming botanical support and aromas that deepen the sense of awareness. We combine ancient and contemporary practices in all of our massage and body treatments. Our boutique Spa fosters healing, stillness and relaxation allowing the whole body and mind to relax.

Spa Treatments:
Wed-Sun: 9:00am - 5:30pm

Pool and Hot Tub Area:
Open Daily: 8:00am - 10:00pm

Fitness Area
Open Daily: 8:00am - 10:00pm

How to reach us:
Phone: (403)762-1835

Spa Brochure

Please download Rimrock Resort Spa Brochure to view a full list of treatments available.



Spa Treatment

Relax & unwind

Aromatic Relaxation Massage

This light to medium pressure massage will relax mind and muscle allowing the body to melt stress and relax.

Select from the following blends:

- CALM - Lavender, Patchouli Ylang Ylang

- RELAX Douglas Fir, Peppermint, Kunzea

60 min - $170.00

75 min - $209.00

90 min - $259.00

Therapeutic Massage

This firm pressure massage opens the energy within the body allowing tension and stress to release even the tightest muscles.

Add warm stones and muscle balm for a deeper more relaxing experience. $15.00 each

60 min - $170.00

75 min - $209.00

90 min - $259.00

Relax & unwind - Couples

If you would like to book a couples massage treatment, simply request this at the time of booking and we will be happy to accommodate your request.

Spa Treatment

Treatment Enhancements

Hydrating Foot Wrap $15.00

Select one of our naturally blended Foot Butters and add a warm foot massage and wrap to your treatment

Aromatherapy $15.00

Select one of our pure essential oil blends to enhance your treatment

Warm Stones $15.00

Warm basalt stones are added to the massage treatment to bring deeper relief to even the tightest muscles.

Muscle Balm $15.00

Infused with pure essential oils this balms offers pain relief, decreases inflammation and releasees muscle tension.

Spa Treatment

Hydrate & Restore

Moisturizing Body Wrap

Re-hydrate and relax mind and body with this replenishing experience. Begin with a gentle dry brushing exfoliation to prepare the skin for an application of hydrating butter infused with pure essential oils - Your skin will drink in the hydration while you are cocooned in blankets Deepen the relaxation as the treatment continues with a soothing massage of scalp, temples, neck and feet.

- CALM - Lavender, Patchouli Ylang Ylang

60 min $160.00

Add 30 min. Massage

90 min $249.00

Spa Treatment

Restore & Balance, Naturally

Hand, Foot and Scalp Treatment

This sole experience begins with a warm foot immersion and gentle foot scrub infused with pure essential oils of Douglas Fir, Kunzea, Elemi and Peppermint, to soothe tired toes and decrease inflammation. Focusing on the reflex and vital energy point within the hands, feet and scalp this treatment will help to calm mind & body, improve circulation and overall well being.

- Relax / Douglas Fir, Peppermint, Kunzea

60 min. $160.00

Spa Treatment

Calm. Clarify. Restore

Body Wrap, Massage & Facial

Calming floral and citrus aromas will open and clear the mind while grounding in earthy notes of Vetiver.

Relax with a gentle dry-brush exfoliation and back massage preparing the body to absorb a rich body butter infused with aromas of white champagne, grapefruit and vetiver. Before cocooning in this nurturing body wrap we gently scrub and apply Canadian Glacial Clay to the feet to pull toxins, clearing mind and body. We end this treatment with a hydrating facial, scalp massage, including energy points to complete the ritual experience.

Add the Warm Stone Enhancement to deepen the ritual $15.00

90 min $279.00

Spa Treatment

Treatment Enhancements

Warm Stones $15.00

Warm basalt stones are added to the massage treatment to bring deeper relief to even the tightest muscles.

Eye Mask $40.00

This hydrogel mask hydrates and relieves puffy eyes, with dark circle and wrinkles for a refreshing and brightened look.

Spa Treatment

Face of Wellness

Customized Facial

Share a moment with our experienced Estheticians to create this customized facial.

60 min. $170.00

Timeless Facial

Receive timeless results with products infused with proteins and vitamins that promote healthy cellular function, skin tone and texture. An advanced peel is coupled with a tightening mask to improve muscle tone, firmness and elasticity.

75 min. $195.00

Eye Mask Enhancement $ 40.00

This hydrogel mask hydrates and relieves puffy eyes, with dark circle and wrinkles for a refreshing and brightened look.

- Add hand peel (anti age) $ 15.00

Spa Treatment

Sole to Palm

Pedicure Ritual

Begin with an aromatic foot soak, followed with a gentle scrub and warm foot wrap. Finish with a soothing and hydrating foot and calf massage - with choice of polish or shellac.

60 min. $85.00

Shellac removal/addition $20.00 each

Add warm stones $15.00

Spa Treatment

Detox & Ground

Pedicure with Canadian Glacial Clay

This grounding foot treatment uses a natural Scrub, Canadian Glacial Clay & Rich Butter infused with pure essential oils that support the relief of sore muscles and inflammation.

We begin this ritual with a warm foot soak and gentle heel exfoliation followed with a glacial clay foot wrap to allow the body to relax, ground and detox. We then massage the feet and legs with rich moisturizing butter and warm stones. The treatment ends with cuticle work and an application of polish.

75 min $105.00

Shellac removal/addition $20.00 each

Manicure Ritual

This hand ritual includes hydrating butter mask, warm towel hand wrap and massage. Includes cuticle and nail work finishing with choice of polish or shellac.

60 min. $70.00

Shellac removal/addition $20.00 each

French Manicure $20.00


Appointments are suggested to be made in advance to ensure availability.

Welcome to our Spa

As restrictions soften, many of our amenities are once again being offered;

  • robe and sandals upon your arrival,
  • time to sit in either our indoor quiet space, or on our outdoor spa deck, both grounded in nature and surrounded by majestic mountains,
  • detox and moisturising wraps, scrubs and facials,
  • couples massage in one of our ‘together’ suites,
  • pool, sauna and steam room available to Spa and Hotel guests

Meeting your Needs

We are happy to meet your specific requests when possible, however unless specifically requested your treatment may be booked with an internationally trained therapist in which case a reciept for insurance purposes may not be provided. Please share your needs and preference upon booking and/or through this confirmation so we may better serve you.

Cancellation Policy

We appreciate a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to cancellation of appointment(s), no shows and cancellations with less than 24 hours notice can result in a 50-100% service charge.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.