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Dedicated Events Team

Make planning your next event, celebration, or special occasion as stress-free as our mountain views. The dedicated and professional Events Team at The Rimrock Resort Hotel is attuned to your every need, ready to assist in planning and executing your event vision from start to finish.

Meet the Team

  • Jocelyne Martin

    Conference Services Manager

    Jocelyne has had an extensive career in the hospitality industry, starting at Fairmont Banff Springs in 1989 and working in various positions such as Housekeeping, Room Service/Banquets, Group and Tours, Concierge, and Guest Services. Jocelyne has gained experience in multiple departments, allowing for a well-rounded understanding of hotel operations.
    After working at Fairmont Banff Springs, Jocelyne moved to another local property to continue her growth in hospitality, specifically in Sales and Conferences. During this time, she continued to work at Fairmont Banff Springs, demonstrating her dedication to the industry and commitment to professional development.
    In 2011, Jocelyne joined The Rimrock Resort Hotel as a Conference Services Manager. This role involved organizing and managing conferences and events, ensuring a smooth experience for guests and clients.
    Lastly, Jocelyne expresses her excitement to join the Accor family. Being part of Accor would provide Jocelyne with new growth opportunities and allow her to continue sharing her enthusiasm for the Banff area and the hospitality industry.
    Jocelyne’s career journey showcases her dedication to the hospitality field, her versatility in different roles, and her passion for providing excellent service to guests and clients.

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  • Shawna Soellner

    Conference Services Manager

    Shawna, a proud native of Alberta, has always felt a deep connection to the majestic Rocky Mountains. Growing up in this picturesque region, she developed an appreciation for its natural beauty and knew that it was the perfect place to build a life.
    Shawna’s passion for hospitality and her love for her home province led her to pursue a career as a Conference Services Manager. In this role, she embraces the dynamic nature of her job, relishing the chance to organize and facilitate events while also showcasing the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.
    With her keen eye for detail and her dedication to providing exceptional service, Shawna thrives on the opportunity to create memorable experiences for her clients.

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  • Peter Nguyen

    Conference Services Manager

    Peter graduated from Selkirk College, British Columbia, with a diploma in Resort and Hotel Management. During his internship, he started his first job ever at The Rimrock Resort Hotel in 2019 and fell in love with the hotel and the mountains. Peter returned to Banff after graduation leaving everything behind so he could work at The Rimrock. Peter is always eager to face new challenges in the hospitality industry and has since worked through different positions: Larkspur Lounge Jr. Server to bartender and server, Banquets Captain to Supervisor, and moved to his current role of Conference Services Manager.

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Arrival & Departure
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