Cannabis Policy

Cannabis & Hotel Guests


To communicate to all guests of The Rimrock Resort Hotel the policy regarding cannabis products and paraphernalia while visiting our hotel.

Relevant Alberta, Town of Banff & Parks Canada Legislation:

  • The smoking and vaping of cannabis will be strictly prohibited in any public places of the Town of Banff including streets, sidewalks, trails, green spaces and public structures.
  • Smoking of Cannabis is allowed on private property, however designated smoking areas cannot be within 100m of a playground, school or park.
  • Private property may differentiate between smoking recreational cannabis and tobacco products when developing policies.
  • Public consumption in day use areas and on trails, within Banff, Kootenay and Yoho Parks, is permitted
The Rimrock Resort Hotel Guests policy:

Recreational Smoking and/or Vaping:

Smoking and/or vaping of recreational cannabis is not permitted on any property owned by The Rimrock Resort Hotel. This includes both indoor and outdoor spaces (including balconies) of the Hotel.

We request that any smoking and/or vaping of recreational cannabis is done a minimum 25 metres from The Rimrock Resort Hotel property. Please respect our non-using guests by adhering to this distance.


Violation of any component of this policy will result in a $250.00 fine applied to the guestroom.

Medicinal Usage:

Smoking and/or vaping of medicinal cannabis will be permitted in the smoking areas provided outside the front lobby of the hotel. This will include the gazebo location to the right of the lobby doors and the smoking location to the left, located at the end of the pathway.

If you have a license for medicinal cannabis, you will be required to present your valid ACMPR registration document/certificate upon request. Failure to present will result in a request to stop partaking immediately and any refusal will be consulted with the RCMP division.

The Rimrock Resort Hotel reserves the right to amend this policy at any time as private property owners have the right to develop cannabis policy as they see fit.


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