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  • The view of the skies and mountains

Hotel Policies

Our hotel policies are designed to ensure you have a safe and comfortable stay at The Rimrock Resort Hotel. Please take some time to review our policies and contact us if you need any assistance.

Pet Policy

We know pets are part of your family, and we welcome you to bring your well-behaved dogs to experience a memorable Banff vacation with us. Level 7 is our dog-friendly floor, with a variety of room types for you to choose from for your stay. Each of our pet-friendly rooms can accommodate a maximum of two dogs. An additional daily charge of $40 per dog, per day will be charged to accommodate dogs. At check-in, our Front Desk agent will provide you with all the information about our policies. We hope you and your pet enjoy your stay at The Rimrock Resort Hotel!

Environmental Policy

The management and staff of The Rimrock Resort Hotel are committed to the preservation of our environment. Recognizing the responsibility we have both locally and globally, we have developed a number of programs to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible—from energy-efficient lighting and water conservation systems, to naturalized landscaping and an extensive recycling program! 


The Rimrock Resort Hotel is working towards continuous improvement in developing programs designed to minimize environmental impacts generated by our activities, products and services. We will:

  • Endeavour to go beyond the benchmark regulations and standards in the industry;
  • Lead by example;
  • Purchase local products where available;
  • Support pollution prevention and minimization programs in the workplace;
  • Use energy-efficient equipment and procedures;
  • Track, measure and reduce our carbon footprint;
  • Foster relationships with our community, suppliers, contractors, government agencies, and other organizations engaged in conserving the environment;
  • Review environmental objectives and practices yearly, as well as monitor performance;
  • Ensure our programs have meaningful and measurable results.


The Rimrock’s Environmental Policy will always be readily available to employees, guests, and community stakeholders. 

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