Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata

Mt Norquay resort is a short 15-minute drive from the Rimrock Resort and offers a wide variety of activities for guests to enjoy. There is the Via Ferrata, the Cliffhouse Bistro, the North American Chairlift and the beautiful viewing platform at the top. Norquay offers three Via Ferrata Routes; something for all levels of adventurers. The Ridgewalker route is the middle of the pack and lasts for approx. 4hrs and 1.5km. You begin with the usual familiarisation of the equipment and how to traverse the Via Ferrata safely. The official start of Norquay's course starts with a suspension bridge with a daunting drop under your feet. This is followed by some steep, but not too challenging cliff climbs. The end of the climbing route brings you to a beautiful trail on top of Mt. Norquay where you follow a path along the ridge to a steep, yet manageable canyon in which you descend.


Date: June 15th-October 1st


Age: 12+


Fees: Starting from 175.00 CAD + taxes and fees per person (2.5 hr) $225 CAD + taxes and fees per person (4hr)

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